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How many of your items are handmade and custom made? It is time for you to get the items that are crafted just for you. Zohran Global can help you get the products that are made just for you. All our products are made using a highly ethical process and the finest materials. Our goal is to provide bespoke items that are crafted for the individual! We create heirlooms that will be passed down through the generations!

High-Quality Goods

At Zhoran Global we are focused on providing high quality goods so we start with the best quality materials. Creating one of a kind custom goods that are made to your specifications starts with selecting materials that are of the highest quality ensures that you are never disappointed with the results! You can choose from a wide range of leather goods that are made to the highest standards! Our extensive line of goods includes:

Clothing for Men

  • Men’s biker leather jackets
  • Casual coats for men, Men’s black leather blazer, Men’s leather coats
  • Black leather trousers

Clothing for Women

  • Ladies Leather Coats
  • Women’s leather trouser
  • Women’s biker leather jacket


  • English leather saddle
  • Western leather saddles
  • Australian stock leather saddles

Other Goods

  • Custom made leather jackets for everyone
  • Leather coats for Men & Women
  • Kids leather jackets
  • Leather jackets for boys
  • India ethnic wear

We create the goods that are made from the finest materials. The process is simple. You draw your design and submit it and we get right down to creating it! You get to finally have the items you want made to perfection! It is time that you have the are crafted especially for you! Contact us to learn more about our process and how we can create the items that you will treasure!

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